Seasonal Plantings

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Flowers and plants are key parts in making your landscape beautiful. Unfortunately, the bright flowers planted in your yard at the beginning of summer may not look so cheerful by the time fall comes around. Our seasonal plantings, however, will enable you to have gorgeous plants year round.

As experts, we know which varieties thrive in warmer weather and which do better in cooler seasons. We use that knowledge to make sure that you are surrounded by beautiful, healthy plants in every season.

Luscious flowers brimming from a flower pot? Beautiful greenery planted around your home? We will help you choose the type and variety that is perfect for the time of year.

Seasonal flowers welcoming visitors along a walkway and planted near a neighborhood entrance give life to an area. That’s just two options, but there are so many more! We will help you choose plants that fit perfectly for any season, and replace the ones from seasons past.

At Landscape Associates, we have experienced garden designers who can create beautiful annual and perennial gardens for your NE Wisconsin home. It’s what we do.

No matter if you envision the pinks and purples of spring or warmer reds and yellows for autumn, we will help you create a front or back yard garden filled with lush, green foliage and colorful seasonal plants that add year-round beauty to your landscape.

We look forward to sharing our ideas with you! You can contact us at 920-337-4915 or by clicking here.

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