Retaining Walls

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Retaining walls provide for your various needs. In some cases, they are a common necessity, while in others they are created to aesthetically enhance your landscape. They are the perfect solution for turning any steep or unstable area into a safe outdoor area while looking attractive at the same time.

Retaining walls retain soil, preventing a sloped area from collapsing. A retaining wall will transform a steep, difficult and sometimes dangerous area in your yard into one that is usable. It will also help to prevent erosion and will confine the soil and shape the landscape.

The conditions around the retaining wall are all factors to consider when building the wall, and we take them into consideration, constructing a tough wall that suits all of your needs. Some retaining walls are shorter and hold back small slopes, while others are much larger, working to keep large mounds of earth in place. No matter their size, our retaining walls are built to last and require very little maintenance.

A retaining wall provides privacy in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. We will construct the retaining wall to coordinate and blend in with the rest of your landscape, or it can be designed as an aesthetically pleasing focal point.

You can select the look that you desire with our wide selection of colors and textures. We are happy to discuss how we can construct one that perfectly fits the needs of your home. Call us at 920-337-4915 or contact us here.