Landscape Lighting

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Our professional outdoor landscape lighting enables you to enjoy your outdoor area for extended hours. Our lighting is both functional and appealing while adding security to your home.

From lighting up a seating area, to illuminating conversations with friends, to lighting up the driveway and welcoming visitors, lighting is an important part of your outdoor area. We carefully design your landscape lighting, making sure that every important area is illuminated.

Our designers will discuss with you the best areas of your yard to illuminate and will make sure that your needs are met. By strategically adding lighting to your landscape area, your home will have a charming and welcoming look.

Our lighting is low-voltage and energy saving, requiring little maintenance and operating at a low cost. We also use line voltage lighting to give a more dramatic effect at times. We use LED lights which are a popular choice.  We install quality lights that contain the right amount of warmth for your area, rather than only using the cool, harsh white lights many people associate with LEDs. A big benefit of LEDs is that they require up to three-fourths less energy than other types of bulbs, keeping your electricity bill from climbing too high.

Landscape lighting is an important part of your home and our professional team will install and customize it to your home and needs, working to provide you with the perfect look for your landscape. We look forward to sharing our ideas with you and can be reached at 920-337-4915 or by contacting us here.