Pruning or Shaping Trees & Shrubs

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Properly pruning or shaping your trees and shrubs will improve both their appearance and their health. Pruning a tree helps it to live a longer and healthier life.

When a tree is pruned improperly, however, it can leave the tree both unsightly and unhealthy. A poorly pruned tree will actually hurt the health of the tree and weaken it. Therefore, it is important to have them professionally pruned, in order to ensure that your trees live a long, healthy life.

In addition, shaping trees and shrubs will improve their health, while causing them to be aesthetically pleasing. When shrubs get overgrown and bushy they can be hindered from flowering. Shaping them will enhance their appearance and enable them to bloom in the future.

The Professionals at Landscape Associates are experts at pruning and shaping your plants correctly, at the time of year that is right for them, giving them a healthy life and making them look beautiful. Call us today 920-337-4915 or contact us here.