Perennial & Annual Flower Care

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While most people don’t notice whether a flower is a perennial or annual just by looking at it, there is a pretty big difference between the two. Each type requires specific care, and our experts will help you to make sure that your flowers are properly cared for.

The life cycle of an annual only lasts for one year. Thus, they get planted, bloom, and then die, never to be seen again. In contrast, perennials have a longer life cycle. Their seeds take longer to bloom, but rather than the flowers only blooming once in their lifetime, they bloom again the next year. Perennials bloom at least two years in a row. Because of this they often spread. As a result, after several years when the original plant has died, it may not even be noticeable as the offspring have replaced it.

Since these flowers are so different from each other, their care needs are also different. Despite their differences, we have the professional skills to cut back and care for both annuals and perennials, doing so at the correct time of year.

Our expertise gives your flowers exactly what they need to flourish, whether it be for annuals or perennials. We look forward to talking to you and can be reached at 920-337-4915 or by contacting us here.