Appleton, WI

This client wanted a home on the river because they enjoy the outdoors. The family was in the process of building their new home on the river in a wooded lot and they were looking to maintain a view of the river from multiple levels.

The client’s wish list included a water feature, access to the river where they were going to build a large dock, hide the dock from view from the home, natural stone fire pit, trail by the river and through their natural area, hot tub, and a prairie.

Landscape Associates’ recommended to the client and builder which trees should be saved or removed. The landscaping blended the architecture of the home with the outdoor living areas and included a patio for a hot tub, stream with a waterfall over a natural stone wall, path down through the woods and along the river to the dock, planting near the road for privacy, natural stone fire pit set back in the woods, and a prairie to the right as you enter the driveway.

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