Organic Lawn Care

Organic Fertilization

Organic lawn fertilization from Landscape Associates is an environmentally friendly way to get a great lawn.

If your concern is having a safer outdoor space for families, pets and the environment, organic lawn care may be the right choice for you. It requires fewer fossil fuels, water and fertilizers.

Not convinced? Organic lawn care also results in stronger, healthier turf over time. A program of natural organic fertilizer will build a biologically complex soil, helping grass take up nutrients and minerals and become deep rooted. The deeper the root system, the less vulnerable a lawn will be to stress and drought. Healthy, non-stressed grass has fewer insect and disease problems. An organic program is focused on the development of good soil populated with beneficial microorganisms.

Applications of compost tea help create rich, healthy soil. The brewing process allows us to extract and activate Organic fertilizers feed the soil, not just the plantmicroorganisms in compost and nurture their growth. When applied to the lawn and watered in, these rejuvenate and begin building healthy soil and encourage root development. Good soil biology is important for suppressing fungal disease.

An organic/natural lawn system nurtures the life inside the soil. A natural soil is loaded with bacteria, fungi, nematodes, earthworms, and other organisms. All have vital roles in recycling nutrients.