November To Do List

  • Landscape To Do ListContinue to cut grass until it has stopped growing (air temps consistently below 50 degrees F)
  • Apply winter screening (burlap, wire cages, etc.) to protect plants from cold and pest damage
  • Cut back perennial garden after several killing frosts; leave up plants with winter interest or wildlife value
  • Clean up any remaining leaves in the landscape; try to incorporate back into planting beds or mulch into lawn if possible
  • Take a soil sample from problem areas of the yard and send for analysis of pH and nutrient levels
  • Make sure hoses are drained and put away for the season
  • Clean, sharpen, and oil hand tools to keep lubricated and prevent rust

October To Do List

  • Landscape To Do ListPant spring-blooming bulbs
  • Continue to water landscape plants until the ground is frozen
  • Prune back roses and cover root flares/trunks with mulch
  • Place protective mulch or pine boughs over tender perennials
  • Blow out irrigations system and drain lines
  • Drain and winterize water features; clean out ponds
  • Lower mower height to prepare turf for winterizing
  • Do a fall clean-up
  • Clean, organize, and store garden tools for the season

September To Do List for Your Yard

To Do List

  • Shear/prune hedges (privet, boxwood, yews, etc.) for the last time by September 15th
  • Install fall annuals by mid-September (mums, aster, kale, etc.)
  • Treat Phragmites (weedy grass) to eliminate species
  • Assess lawn condition and work on repairs
  • Dethatch or powerake lawn if excessive thatch is present
  • Aerate lawn; overseed if desired
  • Divide overgrown perennials such as daylilies, iris, peonies, and hosta

August To Do List for Your Yard

To Do List

  • Keep an eye on turf areas to identify insect damage or drought stress
  • Tune up irrigation systems to ensure proper function and coverage
  • Deadhead annuals and perennials
  • Water woody plants deep into root-zone in dry conditions
  • Overseed thin turf areas after August 15th thru mid-September

May / June Landscape To Do List

To Do ListMay

  • Prepare annual beds and amend soil with compost, peat moss & slow-release fertilizer
  • Aerate and fertilize turf areas
  • Test irrigation systems for proper operation of all zones and heads
  • Check hardscapes for winter damage; schedule repairs if necessary
  • Pressure-wash patios and walkways before plant growth begins and annuals are installed
  • Clean and fill water features
  • Check outdoor lighting; replace bulbs as needed


  • Mow lawn and make repairs to winter-damaged areas
  • Prepare annual beds and install plants after Memorial Day and before June 15th
  • Prune spring-blooming shrubs when blooms are finished
  • Shear Privet, Boxwood and other hedging plants as needed
  • Mulch strawberry and asparagus patches to a depth of 3” to prevent and smother weeds
  • Start training vines
  • Begin pinching, deadheading, and staking perennials as needed
  • Prune suckers of indeterminate tomatoes in mid-late June

2015 Early Spring To-Do List

To Do List

  • Schedule your Spring clean-up and lawn care package
  • Order seeds that will add interest to your garden
  • Cut back ornamental grasses, shearing them about 2-6” from ground level
  • Remove any remaining dead leaves and flower stems from hostas and other perennials
  • Prune summer-flowering shrubs before new growth begins
  • Remove (excessive) protective mulch only when the ground is frost-free. Too much mulch will restrict the movement of water, nutrients, and air to the root zone—do not leave more than 3-4”.

Late Winter To-Do List

  • 2Assess winter damage to trees and garden structures
  • Begin late winter pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Consider design changes/improvements for the coming season
  • Fluff mulch beds that were compacted by snow
  • If not frozen, pull back excessive mulch that is touching the base of trees and shrubs
  • If possible, lightly rake any accumulated leaves from lawn
  • Brush wet, heavy snow off evergreens to avoid damage from excess weight
  • Add cooled fireplace ashes to the compost pile
  • Spray dormant oil on fruit trees to control insects such as scale and red mites

April Landscape To Do

Landscape To Do List

Here is the April Landscape To Do list.

  • Prune Fruit Trees
  • Prune other trees as needed, raise undercarriage and remove all suckers and water spouts.
  • Cut back Ornamental Grasses to 4-6 inches
  • Complete Spring Clean Up: remove all leaves, sticks & debris from landscape and lawn
  • Plan Garden Additions
  • Clean out Window wells and drainage areas
  • Prepare beds, fix & re-establish edging
  • Apply weed pre-emergent & a top dressing to mulched garden beds

As always, you can call Landscape Associates to help.