The growing season for your garden and landscaping is almost over but there is more to do in the garden, and lawn before the snow comes. Here is our November Landscaping To-Do List.

  • Continue to cut grass until it has stopped growing (air temps consistently below 50 degrees F)

  • Spring blooming bulbs can be added to your landscaping until the ground freezes

  • Apply winter screening (burlap, wire cages, etc.) to protect landscape plants from cold and pest damage

  • Cut back perennials in your landscaping after several killing frosts; leave up plants with winter interest or wildlife value

  • Finish your November landscape maintenance by cleaning up any remaining leaves in the lawn or landscaping; try to incorporate back into planting beds, add to compost pile, or mulch into lawn if possible. Remove plant debris from your vegetable garden.

  • Make sure hoses are drained and put away for the season

  • Clean, sharpen, and oil hand landscaping tools to keep lubricated and prevent rust

  • Plan out your holiday lighting for your landscaping. Want some help with holiday lighting? Visit our holiday lighting page and contact or call your holiday lighting professionals here at Landscape Associates.  920-337-4915