October is a busy month in the landscape with lawn mowing, leaves falling, and winterizing backyard ponds or water features. Get your list done early because you never know if winter weather will come early.

  • Plant spring-blooming bulbs

  • Continue to water landscape plants until the ground is frozen

  • Prune back roses and cover root flares/trunks with mulch

  • Place protective mulch or pine boughs over tender perennials

  • Blow out irrigations system and drain lines

  • Drain and winterize water features; clean out ponds

  • Lower mower height to prepare turf for winterizing

  • Do a fall clean-up

  • Clean, organize, and store garden tools for the season

After reading our October Landscaping To-Do List, if you still want more information, or have any other concerns, Contact us and we will be glad to help you with your landscaping endeavors.