With summer heat evolving into fall around Green Bay and Appleton; September is a time of the changing seasons. Your landscaping will start getting relief from the summer heat with cooler nights and more rain.  Now is a great time for any late season landscape additions and to start planning for winter.

  • This is the best time of year to plant a new lawn, repair lawns, aerate, and overseed

  • Apply fall fertilizer to your lawn in early September as the nights get cooler

  • Shear and prune hedge plantings for the last time by mid-September

  • Remove any declining annuals and plan your fall annual additions(mums, aster, kale); starting to install them by late September

  • Start the over winter process for any indoor plants you brought outside or bulbs that need to be over wintered inside

  • Plan for any bulb additions to your landscaping or flower gardens


After reading our September Landscaping To-Do List, if you still want more information, or have any other concerns, Contact us and we will be glad to help you with your landscaping endeavors.