Surprisingly, lawn care services do not stop in the Fall. So, if you’re tired of the yard work when Fall arrives, consider the options available to you when you bring in a professional lawn care service. That’s the ideal time our Landscape Associates team can start preparing your Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, and Northeast Wisconsin property for beautiful spring growth.

We Have The Needed Equipment

In the Fall, planting new turf requires aerating equipment to pull up small plugs to insert grass seeds. The existing lawn’s roots will also get needed sunlight, water, and oxygen from those aerated holes. Before the cold weather arrives, there’s plenty of time for the seedlings to germinate from the sunlight and extra watering to form a healthy root system.

Our Team Does All The Clean-Up

As we all know, when Fall arrives in Wisconsin, so do the falling leaves. To control the mounds of fallen foliage, our team of lawn care specialists schedules a time to come in and remove the piles. Along with our clean-up, any dead or broken tree branches get pruned and removed from your property. That process continues until the trees stop losing their leaves.

We Do Fall Mowing, Fertilizing, And Weed Prevention

In the Fall, one final mowing is needed, along with weed prevention and fertilizing. Weed prevention at this time controls any germination of this undesirable plant in the Spring. As for fertilizing, your grass needs this coverage before it enters the dormant stage to ensure growth and can make its food after winter. All of this activity prepares your lawn for Springtime.

Landscape Associates Also Provides Seasonal Plantings

Flowers and plants are vital parts in making your Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, and Northeast Wisconsin property look beautiful. However, those bright flowers planted in your yard at the beginning of summer may not look so cheerful by the time fall comes around. Our seasonal plantings will enable you to have gorgeous plants on your property year-round!

What Fall Lawn Care Questions Can We Answer For You?

Getting your Fall lawn and landscape ready for the following Spring is a task you can pass along to professionals. When you’re tired of mowing and not looking forward to cleaning up mounds of fallen leaves this season, you have a better option available. Our Landscape Associates team is always ready to help you. When you need Fall lawn care services, give us a call.

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