Imagine looking at your Northeast Wisconsin home as a possible buyer. Does your landscape look outdated or modern? Too much foliage and not enough open space? What attracts you to the property? If you’re not sure, your home may have character but significantly lacks curb appeal. 

That’s where our Landscape Associates experienced design team can turn an average-looking home around by maximizing its charm. We’ll give it the beauty you’ve longed to provide. If you need curb appeal ideas, here are some to consider as you plan for your exterior makeover.

Expand the Front Yard’s Purpose

A stylish new walkway, sophisticated driveway, or even a classic water feature could quickly expand the home’s appearance. A front-yard expansion project could bring an entirely new feel for family gatherings, outdoor events, and relaxing. As a homeowner, you’ll have the confidence to greet your guests eagerly, ready to show off your home’s upgrades.

Hardscape Replacement

Perhaps it’s time to install a low stone wall that leads visitors to your doorway. Our landscape team can replace or update your existing hardscape sections, giving your home a whole new front entrance appeal. Remember, curb appeal landscaping should fulfill its ultimate goal—attracting attention.

Blooming Front Yard

If you have a dull-looking front yard, transform it by planting attractive perennials, colorful flowers, or all-season shrubs. That softscape approach brightens a home’s exterior, and certain accents, once hidden, now stand out, for instance, door and window trim. Another area is softening the edges of a driveway or walkway borders. That design complements any new hardscape features getting added.

Work With the Existing Architecture

While the shape and size of the front yard matter, the house’s architecture is sometimes overlooked by homeowners when considering curb appeal. New siding, a fresh coat of paint, and other updates should give new life to the front view of the home without taking away from its inherent character. Adding cedar doors or topping a side porch with a pergola could give the house a welcoming vibe. A veneer terrace with flagstone steps and walkways could be an attractive fence if the house is seated on a slope.

What Curb Appeal Questions May We Answer For You?

Knowing when, how much or how to maximize your home’s curb appeal can be confusing. You want your property to look great and attractive. That’s why our Landscape Associates team is always ready to help you. When you need home landscaping ideas, give us a call.

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