You’ve pictured it in your mind and are ready to make that dream come true. As you look across your property, the time has come to have a Landscape Associates outdoor kitchen built at your Northeast Wisconsin or Fox Valley home. However, this outdoor kitchen is not just for you. 

Friends, family, and colleagues need a place where they can come and unwind, tell stories, celebrate their victories, and dream as you did. It’s your way to give back to those who stood by you in those early years, encouraging you to press on.

Benefits Of An Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen designed and built brings with it hidden benefits not immediately noticed. Of course, It will boost the property’s value. But it doesn’t end there. Your home and landscape now become the gathering place for those you connect with and know.

Secretly, you might be an undercover chef, ready to show those hidden skills. Maybe you’ve wanted to entertain others but didn’t have the room in your home. Or it’s time to bend the knee and propose. Those are just some of the memories your outdoor kitchen has in store for you.

Are There Different Outdoor Kitchen Designs?

Yes, there is! But before our Landscape Associates Outdoor Living team can design and build your Northeast Wisconsin or Fox Valley home’s outdoor kitchen. We need to meet and gather a few details, namely what type of design you have in mind.

And remember, you want your gathering place to compliment your home and not clash with its surroundings. For instance, would a fire pit look better than a custom grill in your backyard? Or maybe you prefer an in-ground campfire instead of an outdoor fireplace with a chimney in a secluded area of your property. As you can see, design and placement details are crucial.

Is Designing And Building An Outdoor Kitchen Fast?

Though an outdoor kitchen is breathtaking once completed. The design and building process will take time to construct because it is custom-built for the homeowner. That means your carefully hand-crafted design becomes a permanent fixture for years to come.

Another area that slows the process is first checking local building codes. That has to be done before designing and building your home’s outdoor kitchen. Due to specific statutes or homeowner association guidelines, your property may sit in a “No Fire Feature” zone.

The kitchen design may also show it’s too close to your home to build and is prohibited. Those residential restrictions may require that any fire feature complies with a minimum distance ordinance imposed on residential properties, e.g., 1000 ft. from the home’s foundation.

Are You Ready To Bring People Together?

You can stop picturing an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Our Landscape Associates team is always ready to make your dream come true. Give us a call – 920-337-4915 and we’ll schedule a time to meet so we can get your project started. Be sure to learn more about our outdoor kitchens here.

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