Homeowners and property managers always want their properties to look green, lush, and attractive. Our Landscape Associates team members often get asked about watering the lawn during the warm season in our Northeast Wisconsin and Fox Valley regions. As our commitment to you, we put together the top five questions we’re asked about lawn watering.

Should I Water My Lawn In The Morning Or At Night?

It is always best to water your lawn or property early in the morning. You want the turf to soak up the moisture early in the day. As the day goes on, the soil will begin to feel the heat from the sun. When you irrigate late morning or midafternoon, the wetness will evaporate too quickly. That starves the lawn’s roots from needed moisture.

How Long Should I Water My Lawn?

It’s never how long you should water. Instead, it’s how many inches of water is needed for the property. Depending on the size, turf, soil, and climate will determine if you need 1, 1 ½”, or 2 inches of moisture. Based on that, it may take 20-30 minutes or longer. Do note; you will need to water often during extreme heat or drought due to rapid evaporation and stress on the lawn.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

The general rule is three times a week, but check to see if any water restrictions are currently in place for your area before you begin watering. You want the top 6 inches of soil moist but not waterlogged. Over the course of a week, your turf should receive 1 to 1 ½” inches of water. With deeply, infrequent watering, it generates vigorous root growth and drought resistance. That invites a more green, lush, and attractive lawn. 

Should I Water Before Or After Mowing?

While it’s acceptable to water after mowing the lawn, we recommend waiting and watering early the next morning. Furthermore, you want to avoid wetting the grass before it gets cut. Trying to trim a wet lawn only clumps up the clippings, potentially clogging the mower—also, there is a greater risk of damaging the turf when it is too damp or moist.

Can I Start Watering At The Beginning Of Spring?

Many homeowners want to start watering their lawns right after the end of the winter season. It may seem reasonable, but there is usually plenty of rain to keep your lawn healthy during early spring. Depending on your location, some lawns might still be dormant and not ready for watering. We recommend watering your property when the weather begins getting dry.

What Watering Questions Can We Answer For You?

Knowing when, how much or how often to water your lawn can be confusing. You want to avoid overwatering or not watering enough. That’s why our Landscape Associates team is always ready to help you. When you need lawn watering answers, give us a call.

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