If you’ve recently noticed your lawn is not thriving as it once did, then it’s time to discover how to extend its life. For those who don’t know, over time, your yard will develop overgrowth, pests, weeds, or a mixture of all three hidden in the turf. Whatever is causing slumping or a dull look can end.

As your Northeast Wisconsin and Fox Valley lawn care experts, we can help. Our Landscape Associates team shows homeowners how to uncover and repair all types of landscape issues. If you want to extend the life of your yard, keep it looking beautiful and healthy, then use the following steps.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Scheduled lawn care mowing begins the process of revitalizing and grooming your yard. Inspect the landscape for any fallen leaves, broken branches, or yard debris and remove it. When keeping your grass at the right height, both weeds and pests stay away. As you routinely accomplish each step, your property begins to bounce back.

Use Correct Watering Habits

A summer of little rain and lots of sunlight, you’ll begin to notice your landscape starts looking dry and thirsty, needing water. Our lawn care team will guide you with the proper watering techniques to keep you from getting dead patches on your lawn when you contact us. You’ll also discover how much, times of the day, and how often your yard needs the right amount of moisture. 

Start A Seasonal Cleanup Checklist

Each of our four seasons brings with it different challenges when trying to extend your lawn’s life. That’s where a seasonal cleanup checklist comes in handy. For instance, when fallen leaves are allowed to sit for long periods, they can easily damage some structures inviting unwanted pests. But with your checklist, you’ll know in advance what to expect and what to do.

Insect And Rodent Prevention

No one wants insects or rodents in their home, but somehow, they find their way in. If they have, the trek across your landscape is the route they took before entering. To prevent invasive or uninvited guests, you do need to look at insect and rodent prevention. Uncovering what attracts these pests to your yard and how pest control helps will keep these critters away.

Ready To Extend The Life of Your Yard?

At Landscape Associates, we understand trying to keep a lawn healthy is time-consuming. Homeowners and property managers are extremely busy. That’s where our team comes in and takes that burden off your shoulders when you give us a call.

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