As a homeowner, you expect your landscape to have the best appearance. It makes your property attractive to others. Should you want to sell it, you’re hoping for the best price. The good news is with the right landscape design, your home’s curb appeal will get noticed.

But where do you start, and what landscape designs can you choose? As your Northeast Wisconsin and Fox Valley landscape design experts, we can help you plan the transformation.

Our professional Landscape Design and Construction Services include the building of:

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Firepits
  • Custom Grills
  • Plantings
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pond & Water Features
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Landscape Structures

Our experienced Landscape Associates designers will show you the suitable material needed for the project, the expected turnaround time, tentative start date, and investment. To help you start planning, we’ve provided a few helpful tips below.

Hardscapes Always Increase Curb Appeal

When you use hardscapes, it always transforms the whole look of your property. For instance, you can create an outdoor retreat in your backyard, where it was previously a plot of grass. Or put in a walkway leading from the front door that wraps around your home, ending at the patio.

You could also introduce a structural accent when creating a texture and color division in your front yard. That’s where installing a retaining wall compliments your landscape. There is no limit to the levels your curb appeal can go when you use hardscaping.

Color Choices To Consider

When you step back from your property, you will see a natural blending of colors, e.g., trees, lawn, and your home. Often our design team can point out how adding harmonious colors to your existing layout has a way of bringing out radiant colors hidden from view.

Here’s an example. Your window trim and doors have the same bright color. However, the colors of the surrounding trees and shrubs drown out those hidden accent colors. When you plant flowers with bright colored blooms, your door and windows suddenly stand out.

Seasonal Plantings Boost Curb Appeal

As we all know, when you plant bright flowers in the springtime, by fall, they’ve lost their appeal and beauty. Why go through that every season? Our design team can point out seasonal plantings that bloom, keep their luster, and will increase your property’s curb appeal.

Whether it’s hardscapes, walkways, color choices, or seasonal plantings, curb appeal begins with excellent landscape design ideas. Once you get started, this time next year, your landscape will remain gorgeous. Now the question to ask yourself, how soon do you want to boost your curb appeal?

Ready To Extend The Life of Your Yard?

At Landscape Associates, we understand trying to keep a lawn healthy is time-consuming. Homeowners and property managers are extremely busy. That’s where our team comes in and takes that burden off your shoulders when you give us a call.

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