If there’s one thing that can bring more beauty to your home, it’s a garden bench. It’s that one ornament in a garden or yard that gets overlooked. Yet it does so much. Consider public places you’ve been to where you found yourself sitting on a bench, admiring the scenery.

As you rested, you couldn’t help but notice the flowers. You sat watching and laughing at children running at the park. You may have been that person who got up from the bench and knelt to ask for that hand in marriage. That’s the beauty of having a bench; it gives you fond memories that last a lifetime.

What Should You Know About Garden Benches?

Remember, your landscape ornament is going to serve you in different ways. There will be times where you are lost in thought or enjoying the breeze across your cheeks. Before you select and purchase your garden bench, our Landscape Associates have a few suggestions.

Where’s The Perfect Spot?

In your yard, there is always a perfect spot for your garden bench. It might be facing a tree line with gaps that let you see the stars or moon easily. Or the seat is positioned near your flower beds so you can take in the bloom’s fragrance.

What Type Of Garden Bench?

Garden Benches come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. You will find wooden, marble, concrete, plastic, and metal benches. Some benches have armrests and backrests, while others only have a seating area that comes with or without cushions.

Do You Want A Low or High Maintenance Bench?

Like with any garden ornament, there are times you will need to clean and wash your bench. For instance, marble, concrete, and plastic benches require little to no maintenance. Wooden and metal garden seats require using a varnish or rust prevention spray to preserve them.

Turn Your Bench Into A Garden Memory

Once you place your bench in your garden, get started making memories. Grab a book and take a seat, enjoy your garden, barbecue with friends and family. Or bend a knee, and give your heart to the special someone in your life.

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