Baby, its cold outside!  Winter is a great time to warm yourself up by thinking about your garden plans and changes you could make to your landscaping this year.  Thinking about your landscape and how you could be enjoying it this year will warm you up inside. Making your landscape plans now will give you the most enjoyment this summer when the warmer months come.

Let inspiration warm you up.  Just looking for inspiration for what is possible in your landscaping will warm you up inside as you wait for the warmer weather to return. Plan a creative and functional outdoor living area so your backyard will be the place you and your kid(s) want to hang out.  Give yourself a cozy nook to read or enjoy your morning coffee.  Plan a backyard that is beautiful and functional so that when you invite friends over they don’t even want to come inside the house. Dream a little and find some inspiration from Landscape Associates’ articles, gardening magazines, our picture gallery, visit garden shows, or follow Landscape Associates on Facebook for the inspirational content we share.  If you are stuck on where to start, contact a landscape designer to help you get started.

Reflect on last year. The holidays are over now, so you have the time to sit back, reflect, and plan on what needs to be changed in your landscaping. Did you have bugs eating your plant’s leaves, a tree that lost all its leaves and looked ugly last year, brown spots that plagued your lawn, or a lawn care company that left you wanting something better? Now is the time to plan how to address those issues.  Look to our blog articles for advice and tips on landscaping, research what to do about it next year, or evaluate whether you need to hire a professional going forward.

Look Forward.  Most people have projects and ideas that never come to fruition.  Take this winter to pick out a single landscape project or two that you are going to complete. Researching and planning for your landscape projects now will help you get the most of your limited free time during the spring, summer, and fall.  Considering organic lawn care? Organic lawn care is growing in popularity since it is safer for yourself, your pets, and your family.  Winter is a great time to look into what is involved in organic lawn care. If your landscaping projects are more than you can handle or you simple don’t have the time, then contact a landscaper soon.

Budget. Once you have decided what your landscape plan is for this year, you can build it into your budget.  Start pricing out yard art, patio furniture, etc. during the winter to keep in mind when you set your budget for the year.  If you are going to be using a landscape contractor, then contact them now to get some price ranges for your projects.

Time is of the essence. When you hire a landscape contractor for installing a paver patio, retaining wall, pergola, outdoor kitchen, or planting around your home, it may take up to several months to finalize all the details and get the work completed. Get your landscaping work completed before a specific date or special event such as a wedding, anniversary party, or birthday party by contacting a landscaping company now.  Most landscape contractors are going to have work that carries over from the previous year so the sooner you contact a landscape contractor the sooner you will get on their schedule. If you want to have your landscaping project completed in spring to early summer you need to be contacting a landscape contractor today.

Beat the rush. Every year, landscape companies get bombarded with calls in the early spring from potential clients. Contacting a landscape contractor in winter will help you get to the front of the line in their busy spring schedule.  You will be able to meet sooner and at a time that may work better for your schedule because the landscape designer or account manager will have more openings in their calendar.

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