The holiday season is upon us.  Your holiday lights and Christmas tree may be up.  The stores are getting more crowded on the weekends, landscape companies in Green Bay, WI are preparing for the snow to come, and you probably still have some gifts to buy this holiday season.  If not, congratulations!  You are ahead of the curve.  For everyone else, if you have some gifts to buy for someone that enjoys gardening, landscaping, relaxing on their paver patio, or might be in the horticulture/landscape industry themselves, here are a few gift ideas for them.

Raised Garden Bed. You can find locally made raised garden beds or pre-fabricated kits at your garden center. It can create a garden space for someone that has limited space or to raise up the garden to a level that is more comfortable to work at.

Compost Tumbler. An avid gardener sees that value in compost so they might already have a compost pile.  A compost tumbler allows the gardener to create compost faster and create finished compost that is less likely to have viable weed seeds.

Bee House. Dwindling bee populations have many people concerned. A great gift idea for someone concerned about bees is a bee house. More bees around a garden can increase successful pollination and yield.

Potting Bench. Give the gift of convenience through a gardening bench. It creates a comfortable space for a gardener to get to work.

Patio Heater. Extend the season for your loved one that enjoys relaxing on their paver patio. It will allow them to get the most out of their landscaping.

Outdoor Speakers. If grilling, outdoor games, sunning, or just enjoying your paver patio and landscaping are activities someone you love enjoys, consider gifting them outdoor speakers or an outdoor sound system. From a basic single speaker to a permanent professionally designed and installed system, it can liven up any outdoor space.

Table Top Terrarium. Compact enough to be part of home décor or on an office desk, a table top terrarium can extend the greenery of plants for a gardener to be all year long. Tip: include a holiday gift card so they can pick out them plants themselves.

Lighted Herb Planter. Do you know a vegetable gardener?  Give them the gift or gardening year round with a lighted herb planter they can use to grow herbs, lettuce, or microgreens inside while their landscaping is covered in snow.