The impact of adding color in your landscape or patio can’t be understated.  Brightening up your landscape, paver patio, or front entrance doesn’t always have to be a budget buster. Color can be added through a variety of sources.

Colorful Furniture.  Furniture often serves as a socializing or visual focal point on your paver patio; make it pop with some color.  Look for new outdoor furniture with color or replace cushions with more colorful ones. Bring new life to old wooden furniture with a fresh coat of bright paint.

Colorful Containers.  An easy way to add some color is to use colorful plant containers.  Then contrast the color with the flowers planted.  Have a shady spot in your landscaping that needs more color?  Add some colorful plant containers to brighten it up.

Tile. Look for landscape features that have colorful tiles accents such as bird baths, water features, or stepping stones.  Have an outdoor kitchen planned? Discuss adding colorful tile accent with the landscape designer or landscape contractor.

Colorful Décor.  Incorporate some colorful yard art throughout your landscaping.  Yard art is usually designed to endure the elements so it will add interest year round. Take the color off the ground by adding colorful wind chimes, bird houses, or bird feeders. Maybe you even have a landscape structure you can hang them from.

Flower Filled Pots. Another easy way to color to your landscaping is through colorful flowers in containers or hanging baskets.  Planted flower pots give you the flexibility to move them around and change out the plants to keep them colorful throughout the seasons. Check out some of the seasonal color Landscape Associates has added to their client’s landscaping.

Add Color To Your Entrance.  Create a planting bed of flowering perennials or colorful annual flowers to draw the eye toward an entrance.

Flowers Near Vegetables.  Plant a flower garden near or around your vegetable garden; adding color to your garden and attracting more pollinators.

Colorful Foliage.  Look beyond flowers to add color. Dramatic interest can be gained by using landscape plants with variegate or purple leaves. At the same time you will be providing season long color in your landscaping.

Fresh Take.  Take some time when planning your flower garden, water garden, or rock garden in spring to walk around your landscaping and look for new places you can add color.  Ask for some help from friends who will have a fresh perspective or hire a professional like Landscape Associates.