Imagine stepping outside to peace and relaxation. The birds are chirping, you can hear the rustle of leaves, and you are enjoying peace from the noise of everyday life. You can create your own outdoor retreat with some of these landscape ideas.

Water feature.

The soothing sound of running water over landscape rocks near your outdoor living space or landscape structure can be enough to distract you from the noise of your surroundings. Consult with a landscape architect about any ponds and waterfalls ideas you would like to have added to your landscape design.

Design for privacy.

Create privacy by screening through tall plants, fencing, vines, or shrubs in your landscaping design. Not sure what shrubs or fencing to use for screening? Contact our team for landscaping shrub ideas or about custom fencing.

Use potted plants.

Potted plants can create a lush, green environment. Use them in smaller areas where landscaping isn’t practical or in addition to your landscaping. Layer the plants so small plants are in the foreground, filler plants in the middle, and tallest plants for screening.

Add lights.

Make your outdoor retreat shine in the evening with a variety of outdoor lighting. With outdoor lighting fixtures professionally placed you take your landscape to the next level. Landscape lighting can create walls of light on the greenery of plants or accent features of your house. Path lights will show the way to another outdoor feature such as a fire pit, water gardens, or a landscape structure.

Soften or screen unsightly fixtures.

Remove visual distractions of air conditioning units, electrical meters, or pool equipment by softening their view with plants or screening them.

Make it comfy.

Create a comfortable retreat by adding an outdoor rug and comfortable outdoor seating.

If you still want more information, or have any concerns, Contact us and we will be glad to help you with your landscaping endeavors.