Summer is here and while you relax in the pool with friends and family, make sure not to forget about your landscape. Tasks such as pruning and fertilization will keep your landscape looking healthy and ready for the summer heat.

  • Prune, transplant and up-pot houseplants early in June. Fertilize monthly.

  • Finish planting annuals in containers and in bare spots in your garden. Fertilize bulbs and most perennial flowers now.

  • Make sure all vines are being trained or tied to their arbors or stakes.

  • June 1 is when your first lawn fertilizer application should be made. If you fertilized in the spring, wait until early July.

  • Finish up your annual weed control before June. Herbicides become less effective as temperatures rise, but their vapors will spread, damaging other plants.

  • Sod installation is OK up to the second week in June.

  • Spring blooming shrubs (i.e. lilacs, forsythia) should be finished flowering by the end of June. This is the time to prune.

  • Once the soil has warmed (later in June), put a 2-to 4-inch layer of organic mulch on flowerbeds and around trees and shrubs. Mulch discourages weed growth, holds in soil moisture and maintains even soil temperatures.


After reading our June-July Landscaping To-Do List, if you still want more information, or have any other concerns, Contact us and we will be glad to help you with your landscaping endeavors.