Instead of a New Year’s Resolution Try a Landscape Resolution for 2019

December 21, 2018

This year, instead of making a traditional New Year’s Resolution, try a landscape resolution.  Here are some landscaping ideas to make part of a landscape resolution this year.

Change How You Water. Whether you are looking to spend less time watering or conserve water, evaluate how you water to meet your landscape resolution.

Finish That Project. You know that project you had planned or started but never finished? Now is the year to commit to finishing those landscaping jobs. (Call us if you want help!)

Prune That Tree. Pruning trees while they are young is easier and less expensive.

Hire A Landscaping Company. Enjoy your landscaping this year by hiring a landscaping company to lessen your weekend workload.

Turn You Dream Into Reality. This is the year!  Work with a landscaping company to create and install that landscape design you have been dreaming of.

Keep Up With Weeds This Year. Your neighbors will appreciate this one too.  Weeding is easier when they are small so staying on top of weeds can save you time in the long run besides making your landscaping look better.

Make The Switch To Organics. Organic lawn care and organic gardening are popular because it is better for the plants, the environment, and people. Make a commitment to make the switch to organic lawn care or switch your vegetable garden over to organics.

Start Composting. Compost is great stuff. Start making your own compost from landscape waste, vegetable garden waste, and kitchen scraps.