Are you certified and licensed for applying pesticides? The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is the government body that oversees the certification and licensing of professionals who work for hire to apply pesticides.  Landscape companies need to be licensed and any individual who applies any amount of pesticides to your lawn or in your landscaping needs to be both certified and licensed. When you hire a landscaper, they should be sending a certified and licensed professional to your home to apply any pesticide.  That licensed landscaper goes through initial training on safety, laws and regulations, and how and when to apply pesticides.  Then, they have to pass a test every 5 years to maintain their certification.  You can see if your landscaper in Green Bay or Appleton is certified by looking here.

Can I see examples of your work?  Visit their website to see projects that your landscaper has completed.  Make sure their landscape projects are similar in scale and complexity to what you are looking for so you know they can handle your landscaping project.  Look for a variety and numerous examples so you know their pictures are projects they actually installed.

Will I have to sign a contract? Ask your landscaper if you will have to sign a contract.  A contract is a two-way street and will provide both parties an understanding of the work that is to be completed and the materials that are to be used.

What is your warranty? Your landscaper will most likely have their warranty visible on their contract. If not, make sure to get their warranty in writing.

When do I need to pay? Before you sign a landscape contract, make sure you understand the payment schedule. It is common for your landscaper to require a down payment of at least 40% before the work begins.

Do you have insurance?  A professional landscaper should have insurance that is applicable for the kind of work they are performed for you.

Who is responsible for taking care of plants/lawn after installation?  You can’t expect your landscape plants to live after planting without being watered.  Make sure you have an understanding about who is responsible for watering and maintenance after the installation.  Find out how their warranty might be affected by how the landscape plantings are cared for after construction is completed. In most cases, if you want your beautiful landscape cared for after installation it will increase the cost of their services.

Trust your gut when it comes to hiring a landscaper.  Do they look and act professional?  Are they listening to your needs? How they care for their trucks and equipment can say a lot about how their company is run.

Are you looking to hire a landscaper?  Contact Landscape Associates today, we have been creating and caring for beautiful landscapes since 1990.