Imagine grilling outside in the sunshine but it it’s pleasant because you have just the right amount of shade to make it comfortable.  Even though your next-door neighbor likes to keep an eye on what is going on in your backyard, you don’t feel like anyone is watching you because you have the right amount screening to make you feel like you are secluded. Your pergola is a room outside that blends in perfectly with your style and your home and eases the transition between inside and outside.  You love it because it is exactly what works for you.

Adds to your Home’s Architecture. Pergolas are supported by columns on the side, with lattices or beams (or both) along the top linking the columns. With these general guidelines, pergolas have almost limitless design possibilities. Your landscape designer can create a unique design that works with your style and your home’s architecture through varying sizes, arched beams, rectangular shapes, rounded layouts, or multilevel designs.

Adds A Backyard Room.  For less than it costs to have to have another room added to your existing home, you can build a pergola and get the feeling of a room that serves as an outdoor dining area, sitting area, bar area, or outdoor kitchen.  Since a pergola can be designed as a stand-alone structure that isn’t attached to your home, the construction, zoning, and permitting process is much easier.  Plus, who wants to be inside all the time.

Shade and Privacy.  A pergola will give you varying levels of partial shade and privacy depending on the design by your landscape designer.  Lattice on the top and sides, spacing and sizing of beams, and vining plants that will grow up and on top of the pergola can all be adjusted to fit your style and level of shade and privacy you want.  A good landscape designer will also help you get shade and privacy from other means, likes strategically placed trees and shrubs.

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