Landscape maintenance pricing is complex and includes many variables but here is a guide to give you some approximation of what various landscape maintenance services cost for Green Bay and Appleton.  We individualize all our landscape maintenance and fine gardening services to care for your beautiful landscape.  The size of your home, the condition of your landscaping, your wants/needs, and your budget requirements all factor into the cost of landscape maintenance for your home. Landscape maintenance crews offer efficient, skilled service for lawns, pruning, plant care, spring and fall clean-ups, holiday lighting, and more. Landscape Associates has one goal, to exceed our clients’ expectations with professionally executed landscape services.


How Much Does Professional Lawn Mowing Cost?

Every client has different requirements based on their home’s condition and what they are looking for.  For example, Landscape Associates has one client that wanted our mow crews to be quiet near their commercial building when we were mowing so we wouldn’t disturb the hotel guests.  What we did for that client was use specialty electric equipment that runs on batteries.  Using this specialized equipment, we are able to provide an individualized service to meet the needs of our client.  Landscape Associates also has clients that want the mowing pattern to be crisscross.  These are examples of individualized wants and needs of our clients that will affect the pricing of our lawn mowing service.  Anyone you hire to mow your lawn should be insured and any lawn care professional that is applying a pesticide should be certified through the state of Wisconsin otherwise they are breaking the law and could be endangering your family, themselves, and the environment.  Make sure that the lawn care professional that you hire to mow and take care of your lawn meets professional standards.  You can read more about that at the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association Fox Valley Chapter website.  The size of your lawn, degree of slopes, and shapes of your lawn sections will all factor into the cost of hiring a professional to mow your lawn Approximate Professional Mowing Cost: $50 – $900 per mow.


How Much do Spring and Fall Clean Ups Cost?

If you are just looking for the occasional touch in the spring and fall, we can do that for you.  Spend more time doing what you love and leave your yard work to us.  In the spring, we will prune select shrubs, clean up the beds of leaves and other debris that has collected.  Cut back and clean up any flowers, grasses, and perennials that were left for winter interest. In the fall, we will prune select shrubs, clean up the leaves, cut back select flowers and perennials, and clean up annual flower beds.  Each landscape is different so it’s best to contact us for an estimate but the approximate cost of spring and fall clean ups start at $250.


How Much Do Seasonal Plantings Cost?

Who doesn’t love flowers?  Seasonal color through annual plantings gives you prolific color in your landscaping and can be changed out with the seasons to always give you a beautiful landscape.  From putting together a few containers to planting tens of thousands of annuals on a large estate, Landscape Associates has the experience to pull off beautiful annual plantings. You can see pictures of some of the annual plantings we installed in our gallery.  Nothing ‘Wows’ your guests more than a few strategically placed and well designed annual planting beds. The frequency of seasonal color changes you want and how large you want your seasonal plantings to be will be the major factors.  Each annual planting bed is designed by our landscape maintenance manager and is prepped with compost and worm castings before we install the professional quality annual flowers. The approximate cost of seasonal plantings cost is $40 – $45 a square foot.


How Much Does Organic Lawn Care Cost?

An organic lawn care plan may include getting your lawn aerated, compost tea applications, and organic based weed control practices. Caring for a beautiful lawn using organic practices requires a different approach and a professional that understands sound horticulture knowledge. Each organic lawn care plan has to be built to the condition of your lawn. You can read more about organic lawn care here. Typical organic lawn care costs start around $600 for a season but will vary depending on what treatments are recommended and the size of your lawn.


How Much Does Emerald Ash Borer Treatments Cost?

Every Ash tree around Green Bay and Appleton will be killed by the Emerald Ash Borer in the coming years unless they are treated.  Ash trees were the most popular tree planted around Green Bay and Appleton for years so there is a good chance you have an Ash tree in your landscaping or on your street.  If you aren’t sure if you have an Ash tree you can read this article. There are a couple different methods that are used when you treat an Ash tree; the pesticide can be injected into the soil or injected directly into the trunk.  Landscape Associates prefers to have Ash trees treated via trunk injection. The cost of each injection is determined by diameter of the trunk of the tree so the larger the tree the more expensive it will be to treat.  Work with your landscaper to determine which trees should be treated and saved.  The approximate cost to treat Ash trees starts at $10 per trunk diameter inch.


How Much Does Fine Gardening Cost?

Need some help cleaning up your landscaping to help you sell your house or a one-time touch up before you host a party?  Our maintenance crews are efficient and skilled in providing landscape maintenance services that keep your landscape looking beautiful. One-time touch ups start around $250.

Do you want to just sit back and relax while we manage the outside of your property by cleaning up your water features annually, maintaining your landscape lighting, cleaning up your landscape in the spring and fall, install your holiday lighting in the fall, and have a landscaper on your property on a regular basis to keep your landscaping looking beautiful from spring through fall?  That is the kind of service provided with a full season fine gardening contract.  All plans are customized to each landscape and client budget so contact us for an estimate.


How Much Does Holiday Lighting Cost?

I remember when I was kid having to go out every December, in the cold, and spend hours putting up the holiday lights in our landscaping.  It was cold, I would have to fight the knots, figure out where the burnt-out bulb was, and then have to take it all down a month later. Normally, I loved to work in the landscape with my dad but I always dreaded the hassle of putting up holiday lights.  Starting around $600 you can hire a professional to take the hassle out of holiday lighting for you.


Find out how Landscape Associates can care for your beautiful landscape by contacting us today!