Worms castings benefit gardens, plants, and soil in ways you may have never realized. Simply put, worm castings are manure produced from earthworms. The material that passes through a worm’s gut is chemically and physically altered and this process can’t be replicated by man. Literally, there is no other product like it on Earth.  Worm castings are essentially the best product a gardener or landscaper can use to promote healthier plants. When you are contacting Green Bay landscaping companies see if they use castings in any of their services. Healthier landscape plants and trees will be less likely to get diseases and pests. Here is a breakdown of benefits.

Adds nutrients.  Castings benefits go beyond adding NPK (those 3 numbers separated by dashed on a fertilizer bag) by also providing over 60 trace minerals to the soil in your garden or landscape.

Fights Disease.  Plants and lawns treated with teas from worm castings have been proven to resist certain plant diseases and pests.

Feeds The Soil That Feeds The Plants. Microorganisms that are too small to see exist in worm castings.  These beneficial microorganisms naturally provide a regular diet of nutrients to plants.

Good Soil Structure.  Organic matter is added to the soil in your garden or landscape with worm castings; increasing the water and nutrient holding capabilities of the soil.

Better Blooms.  It’s been proven that worming castings increase growth, flowering, fruiting, and crop yields of plants.

It doesn’t matter if it is a flower garden, container garden, vegetable garden, rock garden, water garden, landscape planting, or tree.  Every plant in any garden or landscaping can benefit from the effects of worming castings.