Even though the days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler, you don’t have to hibernate inside just yet. Don’t let Mother Nature keep you from enjoying your outdoor living and paver patio. Here are some landscaping ideas to extend your patio season.

Patio Heater. Adding a patio heater can boost the temperature around your patio up to 25 degrees. They come in two basic types; a tabletop heater or a freestanding heater.  They run off of propane tanks and they typically resemble lamps. The larger freestanding heaters heat about 4 times the patio area of their smaller counterparts.

Fireplace or Fire Pit. Create warmth on your paver patio with a fireplace or fire pit; they can burn wood, propane, or gas.  A beautiful fireplace will become the focal point of your landscaping. If that seems too much, a permanent or portable fire pit will still heat up your paver patio.

Landscape Lighting. Don’t let the shorter days limit the hours you use your paver patio or deck. Add outdoor lighting to compliment the illumination from your fireplace or fire pit.  Outdoor lighting will guide visitors down a path, draw attention to key features of your landscape, light up your grilling area, stairs, gathering area, sitting walls, and your patio’s edge.