‘Tis the Season’ for Holiday Lighting in your Landscaping


October 9, 2017


Hobby shops have had holiday decorations on display since mid-summer so they don’t think it’s ever too early to start planning for the holidays. As depressing as seeing those displays in July may be for the landscaper or gardener, the cold weather and holidays are coming. With a few of these expert tips, you can make your landscape shine this holiday season.

Creative Lighting. Highlight features of your landscaping such as; custom fencing, columns, trees, shrubs, paver walkways, and your paver driveway.

Research Lights. There are all different kinds of holiday lights available. Blinking lights, rope lights, net lights are just some of the possibilities.  Know the products available so you can get the maximum effectiveness they will have in your landscaping.

Burned-out.  When reusing lights, check for burned out bulbs before you start to decorate your house and landscaping.

Stay Safe.  Use a good ladder and helper with decorating tall landscape trees or your house.  Don’t overload circuits; most are designed to handle 1400 watts. Make sure your lights have a UL label, which indicates they are designed for outdoor use. LED bulbs are safer; by maintaining a cooler temperature they are less of a fire hazard.  Plus they are made of plastic so they are shatterproof and shock resistant. Start early in the season so you can get the job done before the bitter cold sets in. If you want holiday lights in high places but aren’t comfortable on a ladder, don’t be afraid to call landscape professionals for help getting lights on those hard to reach locations.

Keep Costs Down.  LED lights use 80-90% less power than older incandescent lights. Besides cost less to illuminate they can last nearly ten times longer too.  Set up timers so your holiday lights are only on as long as they need to be.

Need a little help?  Landscape Associates does landscaping Green Bay WI and Northeast WI and also specializes in holiday lighting. Let us make this annual chore easy.  All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Contact us here.