Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world!  There are many different kinds, all growing in popularity in the US. Teas that we drink include green teas, hot teas, sweetened teas, unsweetened teas, or iced teas.  Here in the landscape community we have a new tea that is taking root known as compost tea. Landscape Associates is one of the Green Bay landscaping companies that produces and applies compost tea as part of our organic lawn care services, lawn maintenance, and for sick tree treatments. You wouldn’t want to drink this tea though. It’s a tea that feeds your soil and helps your plants and lawn. It’s like super yogurt for your lawn’s health.


Why Compost Tea?

Gardeners know compost and worm castings are good for their garden. Worm castings and compost provide organic matter, essential microorganisms, and nutrients to the soil. It’s not always possible to mix compost or worm castings in with the soil though. For example it isn’t cost effective or practical to dig up your lawn to mix these products into the soil. An effective method to provide most of the benefits of adding compost and worm castings to the soil is through the application of compost tea. Compost tea is carefully “brewed” with compost and/or worm castings, air, and food for a period of around 24 hours. This creates a more manageable product, containing the benefits of compost and worming castings, and can then be sprayed over your lawn, plants, or soil. Compost tea is an integral part of organic lawn care, sick tree treatments, and landscape maintenance.


The Benefits of the Best New Tea in Landscaping.

Safe. Compost tea is a natural way to promote healthy lawns, flowers, landscape shrubs, and landscape trees while eliminating the risks that traditional herbicides and fertilizers bring to children, pets, and the environment.

Plant health.  Applying compost tea to the leaves or ground around landscaping or flower gardens will help fight pests and diseases.  Healthy landscape plants will cost you less in the long term because they will need less treatment, it’s less likely they will need to be replaced, and it’s more likely your grass will out-compete weeds in the lawn.

Plant growth.  Improved soil health provided by compost tea applications results in better nutrient availability for the plants.  That leads to happier, healthy plants without the use of as much fertilizer.

Reduced Water Loss.  Over time, soil and lawns that are regularly treated with compost tea improve their water holding ability and create a more sustainable landscape.

Interested in how Landscape Associates can use compost tea to improve your lawn’s health?  Contact us today!