Brighten Up Your Landscape with Landscape Lighting

July 28, 2017


Installing landscape lighting is one of the best improvements you can make to your home by letting you get the most out of your landscaping. Outdoor lighting systems can increase the safety, functionality, and beauty of your home. Imagine pulling in to your driveway at night and the beautiful stone work on the front of your house is showcased. That is the type of effect that adding outdoor lighting can provide.

The architectural elements of your home and features of your landscape will be highlighted. Landscape lighting will make your property safer; you and your guest will be able to safely navigate your walkways without tripping on stones and steps. Landscape lighting can also allow you to use paver patios, landscape structures, concrete patios, or decks into the evening hours. Landscape lighting installed by landscapers is low voltage, combined with LED bulbs, consumes much less electricity compared to high voltage lighting and is less expensive to install. It is easy to maintain and the lights can be set to come on and go off automatically.

These are some of the outdoor lighting techniques used.

Path Lights.

Path lights will light up walkways, allowing for safer travel throughout your landscape while offering decorative effects.

Down Lighting.

Landscaping lights can be installed on a tree or landscape structure to shine down on paver patios or lawns, creating patterns of light and leaf shadows.

Up Lighting.

The landscaping lights are placed at the base of an object and shine up to highlight the object and may create a shadow effect.

Silhouette Lighting.

The landscaping lights are placed behind the plant or object to be featured so the viewer sees a silhouette of the object against a bright background.