Lawn Watering

June 30, 2017


Good soil structure and a healthy soil food web will promote a healthy lawn that requires less watering. If you feel you need to water your lawn, here are some tips from our landscapers.

  • Mow your lawn higher. Longer blades of grass will mean deeper rooted lawns that are more resistant to dry weather.

  • Water your lawn in the morning.

  • Have a sprinkler that sprays water in an even pattern and provides a uniform amount to the entire lawn.

  • Sunny lawns, south or west facing slopes and highly fertilized lawns will need to be watered more frequently.

  • Newly planted lawns need more water because their root system is not developed yet.

  • Water long enough for the soil to be moist 6 inches deep to promote deeper roots. (You may have to dig a hole once to see how long that takes)

  • How often you need to water your lawn depends on your site’s conditions and weather. In general, that might mean watering once a week if you have clay soil or 3 times a week if you have sandy soil. Check the soil to see if you need to water.

  • Remember that too much water for a lawn can be just as bad for a lawn as not enough water.

  • Northern grasses are drought tolerant and will green up naturally as the weather cools and more frequent rain occurs. If you decide to start watering during a dry period you should continue to water your lawn regularly throughout the dry period.