Pollinators play an essential role for vegetable gardens. Some garden plants need bees, butterflies, and birds to pollinate for them. If you have had poor fruiting results from apples, raspberries, squash, or sunflowers, insufficient pollination could be the cause. Create the right environment in your landscaping near your vegetable garden to lure them in.


Give them a nesting place

Bees rarely sting unless you disturb their nest. Embrace their company in a rock garden or flower garden nearby by adding a mason bee house.


They get thirsty too

Pollinators get thirsty too. Provide small watering holes by placing pebbles in shallow dishes. Then fill water, leaving the pebbles partial exposed. Refill and change water regularly to discourage mosquitos. Place landscaping rocks or landscaping stones with their concave side up to collect rain water. Incorporate water gardens into your landscape design.


Plant Milkweed

Dedicate a small section of your landscaping to milkweed. Monarchs are dependent on milkweed as a food for their young.


Plant pollinator friendly flowers

Plant heirloom flowers in your landscaping that will bloom throughout the season. Some examples of flowers for Green Bay WI and surrounding areas are: Blazing Star, Coneflower, Salvia, Yarrow, Columbine, and others.